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Piston Cylinder Actuator
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Spring return / Double Acting Cylinder Actuator
Piston Cylinder Actuator
The Series 3800 Rotary piston actuator are designed to operate rotating valves, such as Ball valves, Butterfly valves and Plug valves for throttling or on-off service. Specially, heavy actuator is unique linkage type which converts linear motion torque at beginning which usually corresponds to the closed position of valves, and another peak of torque is produced at 60 degree of valves which correspond to the dynamic torque.
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Actuator Type Spring return / Double Acting Cylinder Actuator
Actuator Model 3800, 1600, 1700
Actuator Size AC 05 AC 06 AC 08 AC 10 AC 12 AC 14 AC 17 AC 20 AC 25 AC 30
Air Supply Range Standard: 5.0 kg/cm2G, Range: 3.5~6.0kg/cm2
Spring Range 2.0 ~ 3.0 kg/cm2G
Environment Conditions Max. working pressure: 6.0 kgf/cm2G, Max. working temperature: -40 ~ 120
Body Material ASTM 6063 / FCD450
Movement Rotary (3800&3900), Reciprocate (Piston cylinder, 1600&1700)
Option Side mounted handwheel, Hydrolic unit, Volume tank