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Diaphragm Actuator
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Sing / Multi-spring Diaphragm Actuator
Diaphragm Actuator
Diaphragm actuators has been designed to control accurately the flow and pressure of fluid in response to demand of fine
process control as well as various plant systems.
These actuators have been developed for powerful and high perfor-mance pneumatic actuating of linear motion valves as
well as rotating valves.
It consist of four spring which are produced for high stiffness that is defined as the ability of the actuator to with stand
suddenly changing dynamic force of fluids acting on the valve stem.
The action of valves can be changed by removing of the cap and four mounting bolts, turning the actuator over, and
replacing the cap.
>> Specifications
Actuator Type Sing / Multi-spring Diaphragm Actuator
Actuator Model 3500, 3600, 5500
Actuator Size T-0 T-1 T-2 T-3 T-4 T-5
Stroke (mm) 15 20 25 38 / 50 50 / 100 100 / 130
Air Supply Range Standard: 4.0 kg/cm2G, Range: 3.5~5.0kg/cm2
Spring Range 1.0 ~ 3.0 kg/cm2G
Environment Conditions Max. working pressure: 5.0 kgf/cm2G, Max. working temperature: -40 ~ 90
Action Direct or Reverse
Body Material SCP / AL2024 / AC2B
Diaphragm Material EPDM / HNBR
Movement Reciprocate, Rotary (with rotary box)
Option Top side mounted handwheel unit