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Angle Valve
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Series 20, Angle Valves
Angle Valve
The Series 20 Angle-type control valves are indispensable to control fluid of high differential pressure, slurry, high viscosity,
or adhesive.
They are provided with a number of features such as low resistanceof passage, antiwear quality within the valve, and easy
maintenance and inspection.
>> Specifications
Valve Model Series 20
Valve Size 1/2"(15A) to 6" (150A)
Valve Rating ANSI 150# (JIS 10K, PN 10)
ANSI 300# (JIS 20K, PN 16 to 25)
ANSI 600# (JIS 30 to 40K, PN 40)
End Connection RF, FF, SW, BW, Screww, RTJ, and so on
Body Material A216WCB, A351CF8, A351CF8M, A351CF3, A351CF3M, and so on
Trim Material A351CF8, A351CF8M, A351CF3, A351CF3M, H-C, H-B, and so on
Bonnet Type Plain (-17 to 230)
Extension ( -45 to -17, over 230)
Cryogenic ( -196 to -45)
Flow Characteristic Equal Percentage, Linear, Quick Opening
Leakage Class Metal Seat Rated ANSI Class IV, V
Soft Seat Rated ANSI Class V, VI
Actuator Combination Diaphragm Actuator, Piston Cylinder Actuator, Electric Actuator