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Teflon Block Valve 2021-05-11T03:09:37+00:00

Project Description

Teflon Block Valve

KOMOTO® Teflon block valves are designed to be used for chemical injection service and acid or alkaline fluid service. This valve has very compact design assembled with multi-sprig diaphragm actuator.


  • Integral body construction –All the wetted parts of the valve body are made of PTFE and realized superior anti-corrosive valve for acid or alkaline service.
  • Main body is covered with stainless steel case providing high durability and long life.
  • Compact design.
  • Wide Cv range and controllability.


VALVE TYPE Model 0007 Acid proof control Valve
VALVE BODY Valve Size (mm) 15 (Note2) 20 25 40 50
(in.) 1/2 (Note2) 3/4 1 11/2 2
Pressure Rating Max. applicable press. 0.49MPa(5kgf/cm²G) and lower.
End Connections Stud type equivalent. to JIS10K, ANSI150, JPI150
Body Material PTFE(Body case is made of SCS13A)
Bonnet Type Bellows seal
Bellows Material PTFE
O-ring Materials FPM or PTFE(O-ring is attached to PTFE body only)
Guiding Top guide
Valve Plug Action Push-down close
Valve Plug Shape Contoured type(P)
Valve Plug Characteristics Equal percentage, Linear, Quick opening
Trim Material PTFE
ACTUATOR Actuator Type 6100 multi-spring Single Acting Diaphragm Actuator
Sizes (mm) T-1, T-2
Supply Air Press. kPa (kgf/cm²G) 400(4.0)
Spring Range kPa (kgf/cm²G) 200~300 (2.0~3.0)
Action Direct Action, Reverse Action
Air Connection Rc1/4 (Option : NPT1/4 with Adaptor)
Ambient Temperature -30℃ ~ 60℃
Valve Action Direct Action (Air-to close), Reverse Action (Air-to open)
Application press. Range 0.49Mpa (5kgf/cm²G)
Application Temp. Range PVC : 0~50℃, PTFE : -0~100℃
Rated Cv Value See page 3 “Rated Cv Value”
Flow Cv Value See page 3 “Flow Characteristics”
Inherent Rangeability 30:1
Allowable Seat Leakage Ratio 0.01% of rated Cv value (ANSI/FCI Class Ⅳ)
Action Accuracy Hysteresis Error Max. 2.0% (with Positioner)
Linearity Max. ±2.0% (with Positioner)
OPTIONS Accessories Electro-Pneumatic Positioner, Pressure Regulator with filter, Solenoid Valve, Limit Switch, etc.
Others Handwheel (Top-mounted), Oil-free, Water-free