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2-Way Globe Valve
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Series 07 / 08, Single / Double Seated Globe Valves
2-Way Globe Valve
The Series 07, 08 control valves has been developed to provide a cost effective solution to the ”° final control element”± used in modern plants.
The valve design combines the successful high integrity features of the series 07 with a high capacity,
economic design philosophy as well as excellent control.
>> Specifications
Valve Model Series 07, 08
Valve Size 1/2"(15A) to 36" (900A)
Valve Rating ANSI 150 ~ 600# (Series 07), ANSI 900 ~ 2500# (Series 08)
End Connection RF, FF, SW, BW, Screww, RTJ, and so on
Body Material A216WCB, A351CF8, A351CF8M, A351CF3, A351CF3M, and so on
Trim Material A351CF8, A351CF8M, A351CF3, A351CF3M, H-C, H-B, and so on
Rangeability 100:1 to 10:1
Bonnet Type Plain (-17Ӄ to 230Ӄ)
Extension ( -45Ӄ to -17Ӄ, over 230Ӄ)
Cryogenic ( -196Ӄ to -45Ӄ)
Flow Characteristic Equal Percentage, Linear, Quick Opening
Leakage Class Metal Seat Rated ANSI Class IV, V
Soft Seat Rated ANSI Class V, VI
Actuator Combination Diaphragm Actuator, Piston Cylinder Actuator, Electric Actuator